How to Use Dill


How to Use Dill

Dill is a versatile herb that can add a fresh, slightly tangy flavor to a wide range of dishes. From its feathery leaves to its seeds, each part of the dill plant can be used to enhance the taste and aroma of your cooking. Here’s how you can incorporate dill into your kitchen repertoire.

How to Use Dill

Culinary Uses of Dill

  1. Dill Leaves: Also known as dill weed, the leaves are soft and delicate, often used as a garnish. They are best added towards the end of the cooking process to preserve their flavor. Dill leaves are great in salads, yogurt dips, soups, and as a garnish for fish and seafood.
  2. Dill Seeds: These have a more potent flavor than the leaves and are often used in pickling. Dill seeds are also used in spice mixes, breads, and to season vegetables and stews.
  3. Infusing Flavors: Dill can be infused into oils or vinegars to create flavorful dressings or marinades.
  4. With Fish and Seafood: Dill pairs exceptionally well with fish and seafood. It can be used in marinades, as a seasoning, or in creamy sauces served with the dish.
  5. In Pickles: One of the most popular uses of dill is in making dill pickles. The leaves and seeds are both used to infuse the vinegar brine with flavor.
  6. In Breads and Pastries: Chopped dill leaves can be added to bread dough or pastry fillings for a burst of flavor.

Tips for Cooking with Dill

  • Fresh dill is more flavorful than dried, but if you’re using dried, remember that it’s more potent, so you’ll need less.
  • Add fresh dill towards the end of cooking to retain its delicate flavor.
  • Store fresh dill in the refrigerator wrapped in a damp paper towel for a few days.

FAQs About Using Dill

Question: How do I preserve fresh dill?
Answer: You can freeze fresh dill. Chop it up, place it in ice cube trays with water, and freeze. You can also dry it, though this will diminish some of its flavors.

Question: Can I substitute dried dill for fresh?
Answer: Yes, but use a smaller amount. The general rule is one teaspoon of dried dill for one tablespoon of fresh dill.

Question: What flavors pair well with dill?
Answer: Dill pairs well with citrus, mustard, garlic, and spices like paprika and coriander.

Question: Is dill healthy?
Answer: Yes, dill is low in calories and contains several vitamins and minerals. It also has antioxidant properties.


Dill is a flavorful and aromatic herb that can elevate the taste of many dishes. Whether you’re using the leaves or seeds, fresh or dried, dill can add a unique dimension to your cooking. From savory seafood dishes to tangy pickles and refreshing salads, dill is a kitchen staple for any home cook looking to add a fresh twist to their meals.<