How to Cut Parsnips


How to Cut Parsnips

Parsnips, with their sweet, earthy flavor, are a nutritious and versatile root vegetable. Preparing them involves proper cleaning and cutting techniques to make them ready for a variety of dishes. Whether you’re roasting, boiling, or adding them to a stew, knowing how to cut parsnips is a basic kitchen skill. Here’s a guide to help you.

How to Cut Parsnips

Preparing Parsnips for Cutting

  1. Wash and Peel: Begin by washing the parsnips under cold water to remove any dirt. Use a vegetable peeler to remove the skin, which can be tough and woody.
  2. Trim the Ends: Cut off the top and bottom ends of the parsnips with a sharp knife.

Cutting Techniques

  1. Slicing: For even cooking, slice the parsnips into uniform pieces. You can cut them into rounds or diagonal slices, depending on your preference and the recipe.
  2. Dicing: For dicing, first slice the parsnip into even rounds. Then, stack a few rounds and cut them into strips before cutting across to create small cubes.
  3. Julienning: To julienne parsnips, cut them into thin, matchstick-like pieces. This is great for stir-fries or as a garnish.
  4. Roasting Wedges: Cut the parsnip in half lengthwise, then cut each half into long wedges. This is ideal for roasting as it maximizes the surface area for caramelization.

Tips for Cutting Parsnips

  • Use a sharp knife to make cutting easier and safer.
  • For larger parsnips, you may want to cut out the core, which can be fibrous and tough.
  • Remember to cut pieces uniformly for even cooking.

FAQs About Cutting Parsnips

Question: Do I need to peel parsnips before cutting?
Answer: Yes, it’s generally recommended to peel parsnips as the skin can be tough. However, young, tender parsnips can be scrubbed and used unpeeled.

Question: How do I prevent cut parsnips from turning brown?
Answer: To prevent browning, you can place the cut parsnips in a bowl of water with a bit of lemon juice until you're ready to cook them.

Question: Can I cut parsnips in advance?
Answer: Yes, you can cut parsnips in advance. Store them in water in the refrigerator to keep them fresh.

Question: Are there any nutritional benefits lost in peeling parsnips?
Answer: Peeling parsnips removes some of the fiber, but they still retain most of their nutrients.


Cutting parsnips is a simple yet important step in preparing this nutritious root vegetable. By following these tips and techniques, you can easily include parsnips in a variety of dishes, enjoying their unique flavor and health benefits. Whether you’re roasting them to bring out their natural sweetness or adding them to soups and stews, parsnips offer a delicious and hearty option for any meal.<